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Jamie’s G-string

She finally found what she was looking for. Lying back in the darkness of a forgotten cupboard, a cupboard she’d stumbled across on a photo shoot. They’d torn off the boards that were used to keep intruders out of this... Continue Reading →

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the wardens daughter

On one particular day, Mich had just finished a long toke when he heard the sound of female laughter. He craned his neck and peaked through the low hanging branches of his hideout and there across the field on the other side of the prisons fence was a group of school girls with a ball.

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the Estate Agent

Jacqui opened Tinder. A handsome face had made contact with her. A possible match?. She hesitated before swiping right. No profile description meant she would have to find out what inhabited the face in front of her. Online dating was turning her on. A rush of adrenaline surged through her veins.

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Sandy’s Plan

Norman reached his free hand out and from the corner of his eye, guided it to the open bonnet of the sedan and slammed it shut just in time to guide Sandy over it...

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Raquel climbed out of her coupé. The fresh mountain air caught her breath and carried it across a deep ravine that stretched out before her. A slight breeze lifted her hair, reminding her of the freedom she had pursued in order to get here. There were few things in life that could beat a mountain pass drive, especially this one, not a famous one, but certainly a beautiful one that stretched like a weaving snake across the slopes of Monte Cetona on the borders of Southern Tuscany.

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Bird Island Babe

She was lying naked, butt up, on deck. He, Thomson, was nowhere in sight. Kyle glided past, and the babe didn’t even hear him.

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The Model

Frank slid his hand down to cup Stay’s protruding mound and found dark brown curly pubic hairs encircling his fingers.

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The Monk

Father Peter poured some water into his wash bowl. The cold water on his face, shocking him into existence. It was time to pray and be freed from his earthly desires.

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Panty Sniffer

... SNIFFING PANTIES in Woowoo…no way!. Who would ever think of doing that, after all, all their panties were new.

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Throttling red action, they slid from zero to 140 in a matter of seconds. Jacky was one classy babe. She forgot about her appearance as the throb of V8 vibrated through her buttocks.

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Camel Toe shorts

Usually, when a group of men rolled up on their bikes, Tom’s eyes would be on cycling gear and bicycle parts, strong leg muscles and sporty clothing. But when it came to the feminine side of things, there was nothing more attractive than a pair of cycling shorts sporting a camel toe in front of a tight butt.

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Spanish train

I’d decided to travel the great continent in search of something more illuminating than what I could muster up here in my own country. I packed a small rucksack of basics, bought the air ticket, got the necessary inoculations, and arrived at midnight in Mumbai.

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Turn on, turn off.

Harry was one of those chaps with a skin as hard as nails, a soul as tough as the devils shoes and a hell driver on a death mission, a coke head and a card player, a mother fucker and a biker.

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Fanny’s cock

Fanny, came up with the desire to have a cock again. Man, did I get the giggles on that one, and almost choked on my Merlot. But Fanny did not stop. She went to the kitchen and came back with an empty bottle....

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Fanny get your gun

Then I said “Fanny,… get your gun”…and you know what she did?.

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a quick hand job

Thanks hun, she had said, you’re not a stud but you sure know how to make a slut wet, and she gave him a wicked smile. Yeh, sure, glad I could be of service to you, he said returning the wink.

ecstatic pulsations

My mouth open, my lips splayed against your salty back....

Jezebel was her name. Legs that went up to heaven where there hung fruit more delicate than ripe cherries on a hot Southern Italian summers day.

Pierre and Stephie

One day, it began to bother Pierre that Alfie wanted Stephie so badly. Maybe he wanted to take her away from him. Was Stephie his to keep forever?

Kinky Richie

He had a beautiful wife. Tall, with long dark hair. They had met at a puppet theater, both of them passionate about puppets. Richie had taken her to the waterfront afterwards and kissed her overlooking a still and starry reflected... Continue Reading →

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